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Book Review: "Steh Auf! - Das Ende aller Ausreden"

When struggling, it’s easy to forget all the good things in life. We focus on our weaknesses instead of thinking about how we can use our strengths to overcome our weaknesses.

Are you looking for a book to open your eyes and see what resilience and believing in yourself truly means? Look no more, because I found the perfect read for you: Steh Auf! by Boris Grundl.

- Mari


Who is the author?

Boris Grundl, born in 1965, is a successful Management-Coach in Germany. He became famous through his publications and seminar on the topics of resilience, self-management and development.

Boris Grundl had a life-changing accident when he was 25 - he insured his spine and lost 90% of his body function, leaving him paraplegic.

How did you come across this book?

I came across this book on the search to read something about resilience and personal growth.

Why did you choose this book?

I chose this book for 2 reasons. First of all, I wanted to read a personal story, a biography, someone who talks about their own experience. Secondly, I figured that someone who has managed to become a great management coach and motivational speaker can surely also inspire me.

How did it influence you?

It influenced me a lot - it opened my eyes about what it means to be resilient, self-aware and positive. It helped me to understand that we are only limiting ourselves by our belief that we can’t do something. One of the most important messages I got out of it is: “You should always concentrate on what you can, and not on what you can’t”. Reading about the story of his recovery that took him many years also shows very well that good things need time, sometimes months and sometimes even years.

What is the main message?

The book has many different messages. The main one for me was to understand what you can do well and improve on that. We should not limit ourselves by what our surroundings say or think. When Boris Grundl first arrived in the hospital in Germany, everyone around him told him to lower his expectations and that from now on, he can be happy to simply be alive. He did not let these restrictions of being in a wheelchair hinder him in any of his further plans. He went to the Paralympics as a wheelchair basketball player, he has a family and he became self-employed, very successfully.

Did you incorporate something into your daily habits?

There is a difference between knowing and doing. It’s easy to know something on a theoretical level, but it takes a lot of hard work to have it integrated in daily life. Knowledge is most valuable when you can use it in practice.

Why would you recommend the book to others?

I can recommend this book to everyone who likes to read biographies and who wants to motivate themselves to focus more on what you can do and not on what you can’t do.


If this has piqued your interest and you want to work on your resilience, get inspired by Boris Grundl and start reading. I believe in myself and so should YOU!

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