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Wonder Who?!

The confident YOU!


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Who are we?

Wonder Who?! is a platform to help people find their real-selves and boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. We function as a platform and event series that supports individuals on their paths to becoming continually more self-confident and self-aware through Emotional Intelligence teachings.

Our style is sassy, so no, we don’t want you over the top, kicking ass without respect to others. Rather, we guide you to feel as great and amazing as you are to ravel your true-self and rock your life. We believe, from personal experiences, that we all need from time to time someone to have our backs, and then… here we are.

In Wonder Who?! The confident YOU!, we see an increasing need for Emotional Intelligence promotion. How easy life could be if we were conscious of our feelings and other’s feelings?


Hey ya! Don’t kill my vibe!

How many times have we been told that we are not good enough, or perhaps, that we can’t do something good enough? These short and normalized inputs can motivate an individual to push harder or give up. Read our entries and find out how to deal with these inputs and put yourself first.


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